And in other news…

When the New Year comes around, people often think of resolutions. I don’t really make them, instead I make goals all the time, once a week they tend to change and shift. However, one goal that has stayed with me and my partner, is the idea of ‘de-cluttering’. Our home small. One bedroom flat small, … Continue reading And in other news…


And a Happy New Year to you all!

Well, it’s happened. The new year is upon us and it doesn’t feel any different (so far) as the last. As the tradition, my partner and I stayed awake (barely) to witness the fireworks in London. They were spectacular. One wonders how they make such a marvel with all the elements that could go wrong … Continue reading And a Happy New Year to you all!

And so, December begins

Work is well. Busier though, as the Season (and weather) draws in. It’s been around 3oc when I’ve been finishing work, so I brought myself a new, warmer coat. Lined with fluffy sheep’s wool (?). ​It is absent a zip, instead a fixed with poppers - something I haven’t utilised since a child. Although accompanied … Continue reading And so, December begins

The Black Friday week

I’ve felt more ‘at home’ this week at work. I have felt more stressed then what I should feel. This isn’t due to what I should be doing, but what I have seen not being done. I’m not management (thankfully!), I don’t really have much of an investment in the business itself, yet I have … Continue reading The Black Friday week